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Craft CameraFx was inspired by Craft Director Studio’s “driving” workflow, and incorporates new abilities to manage cameras within a 3D scene. Bring higher profitability throughout your projects with Craft CameraFx.

"We relied on Craft CameraFx to help us achieve realistic camera animations in Splinter Cell Blacklist."

Randy Yuen - Camera Specialist at Ubisoft Toronto.

Pricing & License

1995 USD

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Works With

Autodesk Motionbuilder 2012 to 2015 (Win)

Key Features

Streamlined Animation Workflow

Intuitive controls make camera animations easy to create and tweak.

Real-time Feedback

A constantly active system applies changes in real-time so users have the freedom to change animations and view results right away.

Simple and Smart Controls

The unique layer system and user-friendly interface makes advanced combinations of effects easy to achieve.

Powerful Effects

A collection of specific camera effects includes the most common camera characteristics to easily achieve advanced animation techniques.

"We saved time by using this toolset, which helped our team deliver game animations at a very high level of quality."

Randy Yuen - Camera Specialist at Ubisoft Toronto.