Accessory Tools

Craft Missile

Craft Missile simulates projectiles like missiles and rockets. From anything big like a space shuttle to something small like fireworks. This tool enables you to create a realistic animation based on real-world physics.

Craft Missile can be mounted to (and then fired from) a moving object. Or it can be fired from a stationary object, like a ramp. Craft Missile can be used in combination with any of Craft Director Studio’s different tools to create powerful animation rigs!

Can be used for:
Airplane Air-to-Ground Missile, Airplane Long-Range Air-to-Air, Airplane Poor Hit rate Air-to-Air, Car-to-Car Guided Rear Missile, Car-to-Car Unguided Side Missile, Hand Held Guided Anti-Tank, Heavy Silo Cruise Missile, Helicopter Fast and Accurate, Helicopter Heavy Missile, Laser Guided Bomb, Magic Bullet, Marine Heavy Cruise Missile, Moving Car Guided Roof Missile, Non-moving Car Guided Roof Missile, Sidewinder, Torpedo, Unguided Bazooka or Rack Missile, Unguided Fast Missile, etc.

How to use

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