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Craft HumanizerCam

Price: $99 USD

Craft HumanizerCam adds subtle movement to your existing, animated camera. This will give the animation a much more human feel. Craft HumanizerCam can be configured to add just a little bit of noise to give it that little bit of extra life, to a nervous, hand-held camera motion.

Can be used to simulate motions like:
Bomb, Earthquake, Hand-held (Normal), Hand-held (Nervous), Small shakes, Warmth (gives life to the animation), etc.

Can be used for:

  • Adding life to an animated camera.
  • Create another dimension of reality and experience for the viewer of fast paced action scenes.
  • Filming moving vehicles from the point of view of another car. Make the camera act as if it were hand held in a moving vehicle.

How to use

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