Camera Tools

Craft MotionFilterCam

Craft MotionFilterCam can be used for smoothing and bounce in vehicle camera rigs or third person views. If you configure it for smoothing it works like Craft SoftMotionCam. Or you can configure it for bouncing. Either a soft bounce, as if you would react filming with a hand-held camera when a car drives over a bump or a stiff bounce, perfect for mimicking the motion a camera would get being mounted on a metallic rig on a car.

(Craft MotionFilterCam is like a deluxe version of Craft SoftMotionCam. It has all the features of Craft SoftMotionCam and a lot more.)

Can be used to simulate motions like:
Bouncy, Car Iron Rig, Character Follow-cam, Drive-by, High frequency bouncing, Loose follow-cam, Slightly bouncy, Smooth filtering, Strong follow-cam, Tight, etc. 

How to use

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