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Craft 4-Wheeler Free

The Craft 4-Wheeler Free is a stripped down version of the Craft 4-Wheeler Free. It has minimal amount of features needed to simulate cars, trucks and other 4-wheeled vehicles.

How to use

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4-Wheeler Free vs 4-Wheeler Extended

Function 4-Wheeler
Simulate Car Movements Yes Yes
Simulate Trucks, ATV Yes Yes
Simulate 4W Steering - Yes
Drive on terrain Yes Yes
Change Parameters Yes / Low Yes / High
Follow Spline - Yes
High precision ground detection - Yes
Skidding - Yes
Gravel Shake - Yes
Camber Angle - Yes
Tire pressure - Yes
Jump possibility - Yes
Skidding - Yes
Burnout - Yes
Suspension meshes - Yes
Steering Wheel - Yes
Price Free $829 / €630