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Craft 4-Wheeler Extended

Craft 4-Wheeler Extended is a simulator for 4-wheel vehicles like Cars, Trucks, Buses, Moon Buggy, Truck, Fork lift, Harvester and much more. This animation tool makes it easy for the user to create realistic simulations for vehicles in motion. It can follow the ground and interact with bumps realistically. Craft 4-Wheeler Extended can either be controller either directly with an input device or be set to follow a target (which in turn can be set to follow a spline path).

The tool is fully customizable to fit any 4-wheeled vehicle, anything from a small RC car to a big foot truck.

Craft 4-Wheeler Extended is the professional version of Craft 4-Wheeler. Not only does it do everything that Craft 4-Wheeler does, and better, but it also has the ability to follow splines, tweak animation without having to re-record, more help nodes, much better performance and overall handling.

Can be used for:
Cars, Boats, Buses, Moon Buggy, Truck, Fork lift, Harvester, etc.

4-Wheeler Free vs 4-Wheeler Extended

Function 4-Wheeler
Simulate Car Movements Yes Yes
Simulate Trucks, ATV Yes Yes
Simulate 4W Steering - Yes
Drive on terrain Yes Yes
Change Parameters Yes / Low Yes / High
Follow Spline - Yes
High precision ground detection - Yes
Skidding - Yes
Gravel Shake - Yes
Camber Angle - Yes
Tire pressure - Yes
Jump possibility - Yes
Skidding - Yes
Burnout - Yes
Suspension meshes - Yes
Steering Wheel - Yes
Price Free $829 / €630

How to use, part 1

How to use, part2

How to use, part 3 (advanced)

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