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Craft CrawlerTracks

Craft CrawlerTracks is a tool for recording the simulated movement of caterpillar/crawler tracks. The tracks react realistically to the movement of the vehicle it is attached to and bounce and sway accordingly.

Craft CrawlerTracks is very customizable; create tracks for anything from a tank to a snow mobile! You can add as many boogie wheels that you want and change the characteristics of the track to act like it was made of rubber, metal, plastic, etc.

Combine Craft CrawlerTracks with Craft Extended and Craft Firepower and you can build your complete tank! The tools will interact with each other so that, for example, when you fire the cannon of the tank, the tracks will sway from the shock wave.

Can be used to create tracks for:
Tanks, Excavators, Snow mobiles, Treadmill, Conveyor belt, etc.

How to use

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