Craft Director Studio


Craft Director Studio, which streamline animation production times by nearly 90 percent, saving the user both time and money.

Based on cutting-edge research in autonomous control systems, Craft Director Studio extends creative possibilities by eliminating the time-consuming tasks of keyframing, scripting and rigging. Users gain the experience of a new era of animation with an opportunity to create natural motion paths on-the-fly, optionally with the use of an input device, gaining instant gratification through highly realistic interactive real-time animation.

The system itself is free to use and download but if you like to use the more advanced add-ons like for example the Craft 4-Wheeler Extended you need to buy an activation key.

Download Craft Director Studio

Key Benefits

Visual for film and Broadcast - Craft Director Studio provide realistic and accurate vehicle incident and traffic animation, collision visualizations and scene fly-throughs in less time than it takes them to write teleprompter text, allowing more
time for creativity.

Previsualization - Craft Director Studio are interactive, providing better real-time control for precise movements exactly as envisioned by a producer or director.

Game Development – Craft Director Studio allow game developers to enhance in-game cinematics through a modular, configurable system that replicates a specific rig within the host application. Artists may actually “drive” a vehicle within the creative environment, achieving a more realistic product in less time.

Architectural Visualization – Film walk throughs of architectural designs are easily achieved through Craft Director
Studio’s unique camera angles and views. Cameras quickly and easily navigate exterior to interior layouts of a scene in realtime, saving the time and cost of an outside animation contractor.

Accident Reconstruction and Forensics – Combined with user research and data, Craft Director Studio can provide near instant visualizations and simulations of any vehicle accident scene, simulating and recording key-frames in real-time.

  • Extremely fast animation simulation software.
  • Work directly in 3ds Max or Maya.
  • Save time through automatic keyframing.
  • Increase quality through the use of real-time physics.

Craft Director Studio works in most versions of 3ds max, Maya on Windows. Please go to the System Requirements to see if your system is able to run on the system you are using.



There is a bunch of add-ons that can be added to Craft Director Studio. In fact there are already a bunch of basic tools included for free. By combining these tools you can create new tools. As an example you can create a dumper truck with the help of combining 4-Wheeler Free and 1Drotator.

To activate the more advanced tools you need to buy a license.

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