Craft Director Studio

Host Applications


Craft Director Studio currently runs in either 3ds Max, 3ds Max Design, Maya. Currently supported operating systems are Windows 64-bit.


For every host application that Craft Director Studio is or will be ported to there is a so called adaptor. The adaptor is a translator between the Craft Director Studio system and the host application through which commands generated within the system and its tools are translated to corresponding commands in the host system and vice versa. This means that the user does not work in an external environment when creating animations, the user actually works inside his preferred host application all the time as he is used to. Another important side note for this fact is that Craft Director Studio proficiency in one host application will automatically yield near proficiency within any other host application.

Same workflow

By using an adaptor as a translator for the host application, the workflow remains the same no matter which host application the user is using. Rigging is done directly in the host application which means the user still have access to host application tools like the graph editor to control the animation created with Craft Director Studio’s tools.

Graph Editor

Important to notice is that the animation created with Craft Director Studio is compatible with the host application’s animation curve editor.

All keyframes are alterable in the host application’s standard animation curve editor.

  • In the curve editor keys can be scaled to make an animation shorter or longer to match exact timings.
  • Soft selection can be used on the keyframes.
  • Use animation layers to fine tune the simulated animation curves.
  • In the curve editor key reduction methods can be applied if the user finds it necessary.

Animation controller

In some host application the host’s PRS (Position Rotation Scale) keyframing controller does not suffice (either it is too slow or gives erroneous results) and therefore Craft Animations has created the proprietary Razorback Animation Controller. It can be turned off whereby the host application’s standard animation controller is used. An interesting side application is that the Razorback Animation Controller also can be used as a filter for other simulators (such as Havok) to make them glitch free.
There is also an option to convert all keyframes that have been created to the host’s standard PRS controller making the scene exportable. This differs from Unplug since unplug deletes all internal Craft Director Studio references to the scene.

Special Development

We offer to port Craft Director Studio to other host systems. For more information please contact