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Rollbots - Elliott Animation

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It's rare when a production facility discovers a way to dramatically increase the complexity of an animated series while staying on budget. Toronto-based Elliott Animation made this very breakthrough using Craft Camera Tools™ for GCS3™, a software and hardware bundle developed by Craft Animations™ AB and Gamecaster®, for its new animated children's series "Rollbots."

Craft Camera Tools for GCS3 completely eliminates the time-consuming and costly process of traditional keyframing of virtual cameras in 3D animated scenes. This enabled Elliott Animation to produce digital layouts requiring highly complex camera movements much faster than traditional keyframing would have entailed, which saved the company a tremendous amount of budget.

"We estimate that completing these complex shots traditionally would have added an additional $600,000 in costs to the production," says George Elliott, president of Elliott Animation. "By using Craft Camera Tools for GCS3, we were able to keep the intricate camerawork in the show while staying within our budget."

Combining the advanced technology of Craft Animations' Craft Camera Tools software with Gamecaster's patented GCS3 virtual camera control hardware creates a superior bundle that revolutionizes the process of directing animation -- through the camera's viewfinder, providing hands-on control over the virtual camera. Elliott found that with real-time creative control over animated scenes, he could afford to experiment with alternate takes and see immediate results.

"From a creative standpoint, Craft Camera Tools for GCS3 is a huge step beyond camera keyframing, especially with respect to complex camera movements," he says. "It makes it easier, faster and cheaper to get exactly the kind of shots we want."

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Elliott Animation used the Craft Camera Tools for GCS3 system for the production of "Rollbots," a new 3D animated kids' series from Amberwood Entertainment that recently premiered on Canada's YTV and is coming soon to the U.S. on the CW 4K!DS Network.