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Harness the power of Craft Director Tools(tm) for your specific needs

Craft Animations develops turn-key solutions based on award winning Craft Director Studio technology. Our focus is to provide development and support on a per-project level. This offer is ideal for projects where time-consuming and repetitive tasks within 3D production form a bottleneck. Our team has extensive experience creating plugins for 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Maya and Softimage. We aim for small, efficient solutions for your specific demands and our goal is to deliver the solution in a short timeframe.

We can help you with:

Craft Animations specializes in the development of custom plugins for specific tasks within 3ds max, Maya, Softimage, Cinema 4D. If you feel your modeling program is missing some functionality, or if you have change-requests for an existing tool/function we are only a phone call away. We can extend the functionality in the software by your demands, and work out the bottle-necks in your production pipeline.

Some examples:

  • Rigging methods: Automatic bone assignments, align tools, etc.
  • Automate specific procedures - are there tasks you do repeatedly? We can make the task automatic.
  • Custom animation and movement behaviour. Craft Animations has extensive knowledge in making procedural animation. Is there a specific movement you wish to have animated automatically?
  • Automatic population - Populate trees, fur, feathers, generate swarms, etc.
  • Procedural generation - Generate an array of specific objects - and have local changes made on each object, making each object individual. Generate terrain, debris, etc.
  • Game engine integration: harness our physics models and first-person camera control for your own game engine or VR system.
  • Stand-alone solutions. We also offer development services for stand-alone tools which are not bound to a modeling program. This is great for automating or managing certain tasks in the project, or even the project workflow itself. Some examples:
    • Backup procedures/scripts
    • Texture/model management
    • File distribution

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