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Craft 2-Wheeler Extended

Price: $829 USD

Craft 2-Wheeler Extended is a simulator for 2-wheel vehicles. This animation tool makes it easy for the user to create realistic simulations for vehicles in motion. It can follow the ground and interact with bumps realistically. Craft 2-Wheeler Extended can either be controlled either directly with an input device or be set to follow a target (which in turn can be set to follow a spline path).

Craft 2-Wheeler Extended is the deluxe version of Craft 2-Wheeler. Not only does it do everything that Craft 2-Wheeler does, and better, but it also has the ability to follow splines, tweak animation without having to re-record, much better performance and overall handling.

Can be used for:
Motorcycles, Vespa, Bicycle, Toy motorcycle, Speed boat, Snow mobile, etc.


  • Simulation of 2-Wheeled vehicles including bicycles mopeds and motorcycles directly in 3ds Max, Maya
  • Records key-frames automatically
  • Follows motion-path or controlled manually: you choose
  • Amazing physics
  • Extremely customizable with many configurations possibilities
  • Even simulates speedboats

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