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Craft Director Studio
Free Edition

Includes a bunch of tools for simple tasks. Includes 1 week evaluation on non-free tools.

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WORKS WITH: Craft Director Studio works with Autodesk 3ds Max Craft Director Studio works with Autodesk Maya    


Rob Myers
Director of Media Services - Beck Group

"Craft Director Studio in conjuction with the use of Pre-Rigged Models is effective and extremely efficient animation workflow. Given our tight time constraints, we could not have achieved this quality with traditional key-framing, from countless hours to realtime tools, this is value added proposition...less time, stellar results!"

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Solomon W. Jagwe

"The plugin saved us almost 2 weeks worth of vehicle animation and rigging. It was so easy and fun to just load the rig and link up the different parts like wheels and body and drive around as though I was in a game. It literary took me minutes to have the Humvees rigged and animated. My greatest challenge was deciding when to stop the driving around looking for the perfect bump that would result in a nice Humvee body shake. I mean, it was that much fun.."

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Why upgrade to professional version?

The professional version of Craft Director Studio(CDS) gives you the total animation solution. It includes nine specialized virtual cameras, seven vehicle tools as well as accessories and utilities. There is also the possibility of purchasing floating licenses.

With this upgrade, 3D artists and game animators will gain a more complete opportunity to amplify creativity, quality and overall realism while experiencing lowered production times.

CDS increases interactive control and simulation; and provides the ability to enhance cinematics through a modular, configurable system that replicates a specific rig's animation within a given project. 3D artists may literally "drive" a vehicle, or “direct” a camera within the creative environment, garnering a more realistic effect in less time. With the unique drag and drop of Pre Rigged Models, time and effort is saved in the modeling and rigging.

Other advantages:

- Eliminate scripting by doing all animation inside Maya, 3ds max.
- Ability to create massive scenes efficiently
- High end realism in real time

Bring life to the scenes with Craft Director Studio – it is quick to learn and easy to use.

Examples of use

CG elements in film
CG Cinematography
High-end pre-viz / animatics
Movie length pre-viz
In-game animation
Vingettes / cut scenes

What is Craft Director Studio?

Based on a couple of years on cutting-edge research, Craft Director Studio extends creative possibilities by eliminating the time-consuming tasks of keyframing, scripting and rigging. Users gain the experience of a new era of animation with an opportunity to create natural motion paths on-the-fly, optionally with the use of an input device, gaining instant gratification through highly realistic interactive real-time animation.

Craft Director Studio works with Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya.

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Craft Director Studio screenshots from 3ds max, Maya and Softimage.

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ADD-ONS - Vehicle tools
4-Wheeler Extended YES YES
Helicopter YES YES
2-Wheeler Extended YES YES
Airplane Extended YES YES
Crawler Extended YES YES
Trailer YES YES
4-Wheeler Free YES YES YES
Airplane Free YES YES YES
ADD-ONS - Camera tools
ObserverCam YES YES
Spline Speed-Controller YES YES
HumanizerCam YES YES
MotionFilterCam YES YES
MultiStateCam YES YES
SphereCam YES YES
SoftMotionCam YES YES
AutoZoomCam YES YES
Zoom&FocusCam YES YES
ObserverCam Free YES YES YES
ADD-ONS - Accessory tools
CrawlerTracks YES YES
Missile YES YES
Firepower YES YES
DirectInputLink YES YES
Free Utilities YES YES YES