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Why use an input device, such as a gamepad or joystick, to make your animations? It is in fact a great way of making animations. What kind of animations are the once that feel the most real? It’s those with human touch in them and the best way of creating that is by using an input device.

Craft Director Studio supports input devices that work for games that are DirectX compatible, Wacom boards, Gamecaster GCS3, Immersions digitizer arms and 3Dconnexion 3d mice.

If you have a specific input device you want to use with Craft Director Studio we offer special development. Please contact for more information.

DirectX Compatible Input Devices

Craft Director Studio support input devices that are DirectX compatible i.e. gamepads, joysticks, steering wheels. We strongly recommend that analog input devices are used.


We recommend that one of the latest 3Dconnexion mice is used with Craft Director Studio. Craft Director Studio also supports the older versions of 3Dconnexion mice.
Go to to read more about their 3d mices.

Wacom Pen Tablets

Craft Director Studio supports Wacom boards. This gives the user an even larger area of analog freedom.
Go to to read more about their Wacom boards.

Gamecaster GCS3

The custom Craft Camera Tools for GCS3 software and hardware bundle is now available. To request license and pricing information, please email
For more information, please visit

Immersion digitizer arms

By using a Digitizer arm from Immersion together with Craft Director Studio’s tool Craft DigitizerCam you are able to make extremely nice camera movements that follow your exact hand movements. The Craft DigitizerCam is perfect for visualization of products.

For more information about Immersions digitizer arms, please visit

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